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Digital Services

Expert Digital Retouching

We fix lazy ears, ugly backgrounds, eye shine, bit slobber. Retouching is not limited to horse photos; we have even helped a few clients "lose weight" - though of course we'll never tell who!



Erin Silver on Neariver Savanna Miss of Silver Mesa Morgans, winning a prestigious reserve championship at the 2003 PNW Morgan Show.

This special victory pass was almost ruined by clutter, a flick of an ear, and a swish of a tail. We were able to salvage the moment.



Ears put forward and background clutter removed. Suddenly this hunter's image goes from sloppy to smooth.



Handler removed from background.

Photos reproduced with permission from Johnny Johnston, one of several other professional photographers who use our retouching services.


We can also produce high-quality sales flyers, brochures, photo business cards, and ads for your stable.

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